This is your place for change, your place for transformation, your place for new identity!

Sometimes the best and most unexpected results come from a combined power, and here we are, Veselina and Dinko, the creators of Metamorphoza who are making a dream come true together with the help of a trusted team!

Welcome to our shop! ♥ ♥

We live and work in Bulgaria which is a small, wonderful country in Southeastern Europe that gives us a lot of inspiration. Together we stand behind the Metamorphoza where we created a place for change, a place for transformation, a place for new identity. We design all kinds of clothes: dresses, tops, tunics, kaftans and many more. Our work is seamlessly part of our own wardrobe and done with true care and attention towards every single piece and customer.

Speaking from experience we came to know that when you put your heart into something, other people can always feel it, appreciate it and love it.

Our work involves shaping, adapting, and paying attention to the individuality of every piece of our designs. The most important thing in our work is to understand the needs of each individual client and provide them with the best customer service which will meet their expectations.

While seeing a bigger picture, we always pay attention to the small things - it is about style, not necessarily fashion. It is about looking good and contemporary. Every piece of our work has a reason to be created in terms of quality, metamorphosis and styling and we are always excited to see out customers wearing their favorite brand.

We started our shop on Etsy because we see it as a great opportunity for us to show our work to the world. It’s not only a place where handmade goods are very well appreciated but also a community where we can develop our business through the vision of our clients and also a great place to meet good friends. With Etsy, our passion turned into work could reach every corner of the world and we couldn't be more grateful for the given opportunity.

Our secret is in finding a theme and offering something unique and different for our clients dining experience. The most important thing in our work is to understand the needs of each individual customer and help them choose the best piece for them. We believe you don’t have only one personality but dozens, hundreds of personalities and we are looking forward to creating unique pieces for each and every one of those! ♥

Veselina and Dinko

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